A November Carr Fire Art Show

Heritage Roasting Co and the Shasta Lake Creative Community are dedicating the month of November to continue sharing the needs of those affected by the Carr Fire, through art!

'Beauty From Ashes' is an Guest-Judged Art Competition and Month-Long Silent Auction. We will be accepting Art Submissions until Thursday, November 1st, 2018. Art will then be on display starting Saturday, November 3rd, until Saturday, December 1st. We will have three categories of art: Fine Art, 3D Art(Sculptures etc) and Photography. Fine Art will be on display in our Main Cafe Space, Photography will be on display Upstair, and 3D Art will be on display throughout the building.

Beyond supporting local art culture and raising money for those affected by the Carr Fire we desire to see this Art Show act as a way for people to process the devastating events that recently took place in our region. We're encouraging Artists to remember hope is still alive and there will be Beauty From Ashes. Through the visual power of art, we can offer the same hope to guests as they view each piece and read each story. 

Art Competition

Throughout November, guests will be encouraged to vote on their favorite pieces - votes will cost a $1 each. 50% of the proceeds will go to the winning artists (One Winner for Each Category) and 50% of the proceeds will go to those affected by the Carr Fire. The winners of the Art Competition will be announced at 5PM on Saturday, December 1st. 

Silent Auction

The minimum bid determined by each artist will go straight back to the Artist to cover time and materials. Every bid increase thereafter will be split 50/50, just as the voting is split 50/50. Each Artist will be raising money for a different family, group, or organization that was affected by the Carr Fire of their choosing. Accompanying each piece will be a statement from the artists on how their piece was inspired by the Carr Fire and where the money raised from their piece is going. The Auction closes at 5PM on Saturday, December 1st. 

Artist Information

We understand Artists will need some time to create their piece after learning about this upcoming Art Show. This Art Submission Form is simply to get in contact with interested Artists, who we will then follow up with for official submission as we draw closer to November 1st - the last day we are accepting Art Submissions. Please fill out the information below...

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